Swimmers enter the water at Swim Serpentine


What shoud I wear at Swim Serpentine?

Children with Cancer UK Swim Serpentine allows swimmers to decide whether they want to wear a full length wetsuit or not if the water temperature is over 15 degrees. Non-wetsuit swimmers must wear a tow-float, which are available to purchase from Swim Secure.

Wetsuit hire

Our partners at HUUB are offering wetsuit hire for Children With Cancer UK Swim Serpentine or the entire open water swimming season. Click the buttons below to find out more.

Please note: the deadline to hire a weitsuit for use at Children with Cancer UK Swim Serpentine is Monday 2 September.


Swim hats

Swim hats will also be provided in various colours which will correspond to your start time.

Getting your gear right can make the difference between a good swim and a great swim. Check out the kit guides below for more information on the items available to you which can be helpful in open water swimming.

  • Wetsuit or non-wetsuit? Whether you decide to wear a wetsuit or not at Swim Serpentine, we've got your essential gear covered