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  • How do I enter Swim Serpentine?

    You can enter via Let's Do This once registration is live.

  • How much does it cost to enter Swim Serpentine?

    The entry fees for the 2023 events were as follows. Entry fees for 2024 will be confirmed once entries open:

    Half mile: £25
    One mile: £42
    Two miles: £57
    Super Six: £150

  • What time does Swim Serpentine start?

    A number of different start waves will set off at regular intervals during the day. At the 2023 event, the first wave started at 08:15 and the final wave of the day set off at 16:25.

  • Is there a minimum age for taking part?

    Yes, the following age restrictions apply for the Swim Serpentine events:

    Half mile: 12 years and above on Event Day
    One mile: 16 years and above on Event Day 
    Two miles: 16 years and above on Event Day
    Super Six: 18 years and above on Event Day

  • Can I wear a tri suit without having to use a tow-float as well?

    No, you will be required to wear a tow-float if you wear a tri suit. It is the buoyancy from the neoprene in wetsuits that is important – a tri suit is just a long swimming costume.

    As we will have around 6,000 swimmers taking part in the event, our priority is to get everyone out of the water safely. If a swimmer has a serious medical issue in the water, then the buoyancy provided by the wetsuit or tow-float should allow time for us to locate the swimmer and get them out the water.

  • Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

    No, you do not have to wear a wetsuit, but if you do not wear a wetsuit you will be required to wear a tow-float.

  • Can I swim in fancy dress or a different costume?

    Fancy dress is only allowed if it does not inhibit your swim stroke or the swimmers around you. Safety comes first and the water safety team's decision will be final on whether a fancy dress or different costume is permitted.

  • Can I listen to music on a personal audio player during the swim?

    No, personal audio devices such as MP3 players are not permitted during the swim because our water safety team may need to communicate with you.

  • Is there a cut-off time to finish my swim?

    We try to allow all swimmers to finish their swim, where possible. However, our water safety team do have the authority to pull people out of the water if the swimmer appears to be struggling. The only strict cut-off time is at the end of the day because we must finish the event by an agreed time.

  • Does Swim Serpentine count towards the London Classics?

    Yes! Any swimmers who complete either the two-mile distance or the Super Six will have completed the Swim Serpentine element of the London Classics.

  • What happens if I am unable to take part? Can I defer/transfer/refund my entry?

    No, we do not offer a deferral, transfer or refund option for your entry – please see our General Conditions of Entry for more details.

  • How do I let you know if I need to update my details?

    It's important we have up-to-date details for you. You can update your details via your entry confirmation email from Let's Do This. If you cannot find this, please contact us with your full name, date of birth and updated details.