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Swimmer Info

Wearing a wetsuit or using a tow-float

Everyone who takes part in the Swim Serpentine events must either wear a wetsuit or use a tow-float for safety reasons.

If the temperature of the water in the Serpentine is 15°C or above, wetsuits are optional at Swim Serpentine. If you choose not to wear a wetsuit, you must use a tow-float.

If the water temperature is under 15°C, wetsuits are compulsory.

As an official partner of Swim Serpentine, HUUB will provide wetsuits, swimwear and swim accessories to all swimmers looking to hire or purchase equipment for the event. Visit the HUUB Swim Serpentine page for more details.

Swim Secure tow-floats will be available to hire or buy on Race Day.

Final Instructions

A Final Instructions booklet will be mailed out to all participants in Swim Serpentine. A condensed version of these instructions will also be available to download.

Medical Information

We are happy for people even with serious medical conditions to swim, but only with their GP’s and/or specialist’s agreement. If this applies to you, please send us details of your condition and the treatment with your name and swimming number. Address the envelope to Medical Director, mark it ‘confidential’ and send it to:

Swim Serpentine
London Marathon Events Ltd
P O Box 1234
London SE1 8RZ

We cannot give individual swimmers advice but are happy to advise your GP.

Water temperature guidelines

The weather in the weeks leading up to the swim will determine the water temperature.

Below is some important information on the water temperature and how it could affect the one-mile swim.

15-24.5°C Optional Optional 1 mile 1hr 40 mins
14.0-14.9°C Compulsory N/A 1 mile 1hr 10 mins
13.9-14.0°C Compulsory N/A 800m 45 mins

Keep an eye on the Swim Serpentine Facebook page for up-to-date water temp in the build up to the event.

Your swim hat

We will send you a silicone swim hat for the event. You MUST wear this hat as it displays your start wave colour. If you have a favourite swim hat that you usually swim in, you can wear this underneath your Swim Serpentine swim hat – but please take care not to overheat if it is warm on the day of the race.

Your time

Finish times for the 2016 event are available here.


If you have a specific question or issue, check out the FAQs here.